Can’t Vote? You Can Still Go to the Polls!

Did you know that the U.S. currently ranks 71st in the world in women’s political representation? That’s right…women leaders make up just 16% of the Senate, 23% of state legislatures, and 10% of big city mayors.

With so few women in politics, how are young girls supposed to believe they can make a difference in politics when they grow up?

The White House Project believes one way is to get girls involved in politics from an early age, so they’ve teamed up with the Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day Foundation to create Take Our Daughters to the Polls!

Watch the video:

As Marie Wilson says, “By taking girls to the polls on Election Day, we teach them that they are a valuable part of the political process, and that their voice and their vote can make a difference.

I went to the polls every year on election day with my mom and dad when I was younger, and I know that had a lot to do with me being so politically active today. And even though I live in a state where most people vote through the mail, I wouldn’t give up the chance to show up on election day to my polling site and see the election process up-close and personal. It makes me feel excited, full of hope, and most of all, heard!

So, what are your plans on election day? I hope you join your parents in going to the polls!

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