Tell Me What You Think & Be Heard!

As a teen you might feel like you don’t play a role in all the political stuff happening right now. But even though you may not be old enough to vote, you have a voice and Smart Girls Know thinks your voice is one that should be heard.

So please take a minute (or two) to answer a question (or two) below about what’s most important to you in this election and the future of our country. Then I’ll do my best to share your hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns with the rest of the world.

  • What are you most concerned about when it comes to the future of our country and why?
  • What are your greatest hopes for the country after this election and why?
  • What big things do you want the next president to accomplish?
  • What should politicians be doing differently?

You can with your answers, or just leave a comment on my blog.

Peace & Love,


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