My First Review!

In Their ShoesI got an email from a friend this morning congratulating me on the mention of my upcoming book In Their Shoes in today’s newspaper. And I was like, Huh? What mention?

So I jumped online and there it was, my first official review for In Their Shoes, smack on the first page of the Northwest Life section of the Seattle Times. In an article entitled “Three Women’s Perspectives From Bedroom to Boardroom,” my book In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers, was highlighted, along with two other books from cool Seattle women – The Anti 9 to 5 Guide: Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside the Cube by Michelle Goodman and I’d Rather Eat Chocolate by Joan Sewell.

From the article:

In a time when the shelves of the Career section in any bookstore are overflowing, these two will still be standouts. They have a common strength: both motivate a reader to ponder what sort of job it will take to make her bound out of bed in the morning. (Or at least stop pulling the covers over her head and resetting the alarm.) Deborah Reber does the heavy lifting that few young job-seekers have the ability to do; Michelle Goodman delivers an honest, informed look at the perils and pluses of a freelance life.

“In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers” by Reber is aimed at a teen/young-adult reader. She profiles a few dozen women, from Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl to California Sen. Barbara Boxer to Sara Lynch, a nanny. Each career is described in a snappy graphic format covering responsibilities, educational backgrounds, salaries, stress levels, typical daily schedules and related occupations. In the end, she’s touched on more than 200 jobs.

Reber, a former children’s television writer, packs a ton of even-handed and useful info into a small space. Despite its youthful target audience (for whom Reber also wisely describes what each woman wears to work) “In Their Shoes” will appeal to some older women as well, especially those pondering career changes.

Read the entire article here.

Yay! This was a great way to start my Wednesday morning…hopefully there will be many more nice surprises like this one once my book comes out on April 10th.

You can get a sneak preview of In Their Shoes on my website, where I’ve posted my author’s journal which gives inside scoop into the interview and writing process of the book. Audio podcasts of some of the original interviews will be coming, too. Stay tuned…

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