Got Some Spare Jeans? Donate Them!

Teens for Jeans In the search for the perfect pair of jeans, who hasn’t acquired a pair or two that ultimately retreat to the bottom of the drawer due to their too-small pockets, too-low waist, or too-dark denim? Now you can make more room in your drawer while helping out a good cause by participating in Aeropostale’s annual Teens for Jeans campaign, hosted by Do

Last year, the national Teens for Jeans campaign collected over 125,000 pairs of jeans, which were donated to local homeless shelters and charities. Your imperfect fit can become another teen’s perfect solution.

To donate, drop off any pair of gently worn jeans to any Aeropostale store between January 26th and February 22nd, and they’ll take care of the rest. As a thank you, Aeropostale will give you an additional 25% off your next pair of jeans from the store.

To find out more about Teens for Jeans, and watch Gossip Girl heartthrob Chase Crawford in a special PSA supporting the cause, visit the Teens for Jeans website.

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