Spotlight On: We Stop Hate

There are three things you need to know about  Emily-Anne Rigal, a.k.a. The Schmiddlebopper. 1) She is one of the kindest, motivated, inspirational, forward-thinking young gals I know, 2) she wears bows in her hair every day, and 3) she is the founder of the nonprofit WeStopHate which is reaching thousands of teens with its message of “teen esteem.”

About the bow-in-the-hair thing, it’s true! And that’s me modeling a bow Emily-Anne sent me. (I’m rocking the look, right?)

And about WeStopHate, this is something you should definitely know about. Here’s how the movement is described on the :

WeStopHate is a charitable nonprofit program created to raise teen-esteem through the power of online videos and social media. We define “teen-esteem” as giving teenagers the confidence to stand up for themselves while also accepting who they are and not being afraid to show it! Our videos feature teens and WeStopHate experts sharing their personal experiences about overcoming insecurities and providing their confidence tips with the WeStopHate community.

You can view all the WeStopHate videos through the brand-spanking new WeStopHate website or their , which has had more than 200,000 upload views. The videos are all messages from real teens who remind the viewer that they are perfect and worthy just the way they are. It’s a powerful message in a powerful package, which is probably why WeStopHate is starting to get lots of attention, including being the recipient of a Do Something Seed Grant and a possible upcoming collaboration with MTV.

To support the work of WeStopHate, visit their website ,view the videos and spread the word among your friends, or buy one of the cool wristbands I’m wearing in the picture, which says Be You (tiful) – or a T-shirt with the same message. To stay in the loop on what’s going on with WeStopHate, “like” their here!

Here’s a sampling of a video from WeStopHate!

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    December 23, 2010 @ 6:21 pm

    Awwww!! Thank you!! You look absolutly ADORABLE!

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