One is Greater Than None

One is Greater Than NoneThis is my favorite kind of post! I just found out about this incredible organization started by 8 thirteen- and fourteen-year-old girls called One is Greater Than None (or “1>0”) which is raising money to help rescue children forced into child labor in the West African country of Ghana.

So how did it all start? The girls caught an episode of Oprah last year that talked about the reality of life for many children in Ghana, and they were so moved they decided they had to do something about it. Despite the fact that the cost to rescue just one child from this forced labor cost $4,300, they decided that rescuing one was better than rescuing none, so they set about raising the money to change a child’s life forever.

How did they do it? They designed bracelets, necklaces, and t-shirts and packaged them with information about the plight of these Ghanaian children, as well as their tag line, “Be Part of the Equation.

Since creating One is Greater Than None and raising enough money to rescue one child last June, they have since been able to raise much more money thanks to high profile attention from The Today Show, the Martha Stewart Show, and Teen Vogue, just to name a few.

As of January 2008, the girls of “One is Greater than None” have raised enough money to sponsor eight children. They are currently working on sponsoring a full rescue mission of 25 children, and are raising money through their jewelry sales and a new “1>0” clothing line, which is carried in stores around the country. Visit their site to find out more.

Congratulations girls…you’re not only changing the lives of the children you’re helping in Ghana, but you’re also inspiring the rest of the world!

XOXO Debbie

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